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Do you want to create compelling video content? Communicate your story and your brand?

Owner of Skills2Film, Jeremy Humphries, is an award winning, BBC trained cameraman who has been filming documentaries around the world for over 35 years. He has filmed child mine victims in Angola, Nelson Mandela campaigning for black farmer’s rights in South Africa, filmed the meeting of the last remaining British and German veterans of World War 1 and he has filmed prize winning chrysanthemum growers for Gardeners’ World too!

All these have one thing in common: using the visual image to inform, educate and influence.

Jeremy and his team of practising broadcast professionals at Skills2Film train and equip you to create effective, compelling, engaging video content. To sell your brand and to tell your story.

From the start of your decision making process, we train you how to utilise video content specifically for your brand and company. We then train you how to script, film, produce and present your story. We use our own case studies from TV programmes – many of which you will have seen – to explain what works and what doesn’t.

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Meet the Skills2Film Team

Jeremy HumphriesJeremy Humphries is an award winning BBC trained Director of Photography. He has over 30 years’ experience working on documentaries for BBC, C4, ITV, National Geographic and the Discovery Channel.  His projects have been as diverse as filming civil wars in Africa, to camera skills training for the cast of Bear Grylls The Island.

Jeremy filmed Channel 4’s Escape to the Wild series which has been nominated in 2016 for a BAFTA in the Best Features category.

“Being a Director of Photography is all about being able to interpret a script or an idea and transform it into evocative and emotive images that bring the story to life.”

As one of the most experienced and respected Directors of Photography in the UK, Jeremy is, as owner of Skills2Film, regularly called in as an expert consultant to oversee and train production crews for the leading television production companies.

Through Skills2Film and its partners, professional film skills training is now accessible to both industry professionals and in-house corporate video production teams, empowering them to film and produce outstanding quality video.

Director of Photography credits include: Hunted, Kevin McCloud’s Escape to the Wild, Horizon, Secret Millionaire, Kitchen Nightmares, Coast, BBC Ring of Fire.




Now he can help you capture your story, contact Skills2Film to find out more.


David Pearson is an award winning Writer, Director and Producer for the cinema, BBC, ITV and C4. He is a storyteller who has been Oscar shortlisted, twice BAFTA nominated and he has won many other awards including the Grierson, FIPA and the Royal Television Society.

He is working as a Director on two feature films in development, one of which has emerged from his fictional film Black Car Home which was screened at the BAFTA qualifying 2015 London Short Film Festival.

“My approach to film making is to be well prepared, be clear, have back up plans and get great people working with me.”

David founded the acclaimed International Screenwriters’ Festival and its training schemes and he lectures on Film and Screenwriting.  David also facilitates corporate workshops to create brand narratives.

Through Skills2Film, David delivers workshops in crafting a coherent and compelling message that captures the audience and fires their imagination. He’s also a veritable mine of knowledge on how to avoid making common and costly mistakes early in the process.

A sample of David Pearson’s filmography:




Joanna Crosse is a high profile Voice, Presentation and Communication coach. With a background as a print journalist, broadcaster and television presenter she is a published author of five books plus a series of audio CDs on the Art of Communication

Joanna has worked for ITV, BBC, IRN, GMTV, C4 and C5 as a trainer and for many of these organisations as an on screen journalist and presenter.

 “I found my own voice and I want to help other people to find theirs and to transform their personal and professional lives in doing so.’’

Joanna has provided Media Training and Corporate Coaching for the police, health professionals, lawyers, politicians, council leaders, publishers, authors, teachers, jockeys, the financial sector, the nuclear and health and safety industry, housing associations and charities.

Through Skills2Film, Joanna teaches practical techniques to improve your presentation skills, so that you can communicate effectively, whether in front of the camera, or in everyday professional life.

Books by Joanna Crosse