Camera Craft 1

Foundation Camera Craft Workshop itineary

2 days (can be offered as 1 x day)

All our workshops are bespoke and blend theory and practical.  They are based on the list of topics below, but also on detailed discussions with delegates beforehand, from which an itinerary for the day’s training is drawn up.

All Skills2Film training is based on the knowledge taken from the location to the workshop. Jeremy Humphries, a practising BBC trained Director of Photography of over 30 years’ experience, plans and delivers the camera craft workshops. Further, the technical training is crucial, but the ability to use this expertise – and therefore to engage a viewer at all levels – are concepts that are continually reinforced.  With this in mind, Jeremy uses his own DVD footage to exemplify how to use the camera and lens to help tell the story better.

Topics include:

  • Getting you started; an introduction to a camera
  • Setting up your viewfinder, from colour bars to zebras
  • HD camera choice
  • Why are sensors so important?
  • The lens: What is it? How does it work? What is an f-stop?
  • Basic lens operation – changing exposure and focus
  • Depth of Field – basics explained
  • Light: how to use and control it. What is mixed light?
  • Colour temperature explained
  • The beginnings of observational shooting and working with contributors
  • ISO, gain and filming in low light
  • Logistics: downloading, rushes, battery charging
  • Posture and holding the camera correctly
  • Shooting a basic dialogue scene and not overshooting
  • Composition and why choice of frame sizes can ‘make’ your scene
  • Holding a shot long enough, panning smoothly
  • Interviews, eyelines and tripods
  • Practical: creating a story – what shots to look for in the edit
  • Basic handholding technique. Walking backwards!
  • Checklists before you shoot

Who is it for?

All those starting their shooting careers incl. AP’s, researchers, producers, journalists.