Getting to Know HD

Getting to Know HD Workshop itinerary


Do you want to know what a camera sensor is or do you want to know why everyone raves about a ‘shallow depth of field.’  Do you get confused with the sheer variety of cameras available and would you really like to order gear that gets used and doesn’t lie idly by because the ‘speed’ of a lens isn’t correct?  Would you like some of these – and many other questions – answered from a cameraman who has been there, and used the kit in the first place?  Help is on hand!

Jeremy Humphries, a BBC trained DoP, and MD of Skills2Film, provides some answers, and helps you to get to know HD.
Topics include:

  • The complete HD kit – what is required
  • What does 1920 x 1080 actually mean?
  • Why is my camera shooting on 35Mbs obsolete?
  • Why is the camera sensor so important?
  • Why is the camera choice so great?
  • Why are some cameras less good for handholding?
  • The jargon and what does it all mean
  • What is a prime lens?
  • Why lighting has changed on HD
  • Why a DoP should carry make up
  • How a location works – from crewing to scheduling
  • Recording formats from CF cards to SxS and downloading footage
  • Grading pictures – what the DoP has to do
  • Communication: the crew with the office and cutting room back at home

Who is it for: PM’s, PC’s SP’s and all those who seldom vist location but want – and need – to know the jargon.