Camera Craft 2

Intermediate Camera Craft Workshop itinerary

1 day

All our workshops are bespoke and blend theory and practical.  They are based on the list of topics below, but also on detailed discussions with delegates beforehand, from which an itinerary for the day’s training is drawn up.

All Skills2Film training is based on the knowledge taken from the location to the workshop. Jeremy Humphries, a practising BBC trained Director of Photography of over 30 years’ experience, plans and delivers the camera craft workshops. Further, the technical training is crucial, but the ability to use this expertise – and therefore to engage a viewer at all levels – are concepts that are continually reinforced.  With this in mind, Jeremy uses his own DVD footage to exemplify how to use the camera and lens to help tell the story better.

Topics include :

  • To begin to self-shoot confidently across the documentary genre
  • Who to film when five people are talking at once!
  • How to translate ‘chaos,’ into sequenced scenes that will edit!
  • Interview technique and eyelines
  • Shot sizes and their significance to creating mood, emphasis and your story
  • Understanding and implementing focus, f- stop, focal length
  • Basic interview lighting
  • Using depth of field, the light and colour temperature creatively
  • HD camera choice
  • Working with contributors
  • Audio location recording
  • Crossing the line explained
  • Available and mixed lighting scenarios
  • HD and why we backlight
  • Shooting landscapes and composing within the widescreen frame
  • Your editor and what shots they need
  • Panning smoothly
  • Hand holding the camera and safe posture
  • Applying a script when shooting observational
  • Using the weather

Who is it for?

For those that are already filming and who now have the ambition to expand their knowledge to tackle a more diverse range of sequences.