Power of the Image

The Power of the Visual Image: Challenge and Opportunity

Jeremy Humphries, MD of Skills2Film and an award winning BBC trained Director of Photography with over 30 years’ experience, has worked on countless documentaries for BBC Television, Channel 4, ITV, Discovery, WGBH, National Geographic and a multitude of independent companies in the UK and abroad.

One theme has characterized Jeremy’s work. From child mine victims in Angola, to single mothers on Southampton council estates, Jeremy’s passionate belief in the ability of the camera to tell a story – that resonates and communicates – is a belief that he will share during this seminar.

Using case examples, Jeremy will demonstrate how the video image can help you communicate your message and your brand better. By unleashing your imagination the camera can tell your story, engaging the viewer with a message, an atmosphere, and an intimacy that can at least complement, or, by seeing the ‘whites of the eyes’ on a screen in front of you, can even replace the effectiveness of the written word.

We also look at the decisions that have to be made during production – budgeting, procuring and hiring equipment, filming on location or a studio, presentation, and placing your material on a platform.

Creative video content can influence a viewer unlike any other communication method. We look at the science that as humans allows our subconscious to be engaged and we look at the best communication tool there has been for millions of years. The human face.

Who is this for: For all those that have the imagination and the will to use video content and just need the insight as to how they might execute it.