Script – Screen

Script – Screen Workshop itinerary


How do you engage your viewer with the visual image? How do you turn those words into pictures that influence? How do you convey your brand and reduce your reliance on external providers? On this workshop we blend theory with practical. Over the duration of the course you will start with an idea, see it evolve in many manifestations – see it influenced by narrative and brand, budget, time and your peers, and see it evolve into a pitch and a film that you get to shoot and edit.

Script to Screen

The story and storyboarding – creating a clear message

  • Writing a script
  • Keeping an idea fresh and on-brand
  • Time – keeping your content succinct
  • Managing expectations and keeping on-budget
  • Realising the story onto video
  • Creating a process for producing content quickly
  • What equipment to buy or hire
  • How do you edit and distribute your film
  • What if your CEO is no good in front of the camera?
  • How to find the time to do the filming and the day job

From the start of your decision making process, we train you how to utilise video content specifically for your brand and company. We then train you how to script, film, produce and present your story. We use our own case studies from TV programmes – many of which you will have seen – to explain what works and what doesn’t.


David Pearson is an award winning Writer, Director and Producer for the cinema, BBC, ITV and C4. He is a storyteller who has been Oscar shortlisted, has commissioned numerous documentaries for the BBC and has been twice BAFTA nominated. He has won many other awards including the Grierson, FIPA and the Royal Television Society.

Jeremy Humphries is an award winning BBC trained Director of Photography and MD of Skills2Film. He has over 30 years’ experience working on documentaries for BBC, C4, ITV, National Geographic and the Discovery Channel.  His projects have been as diverse as filming civil wars in Africa, to camera skills training for the cast of Bear Grylls The Island.

Who is it for: All those wanting to learn the whole process of turning an idea, into story telling, video content.

All Skills2Film workshops are bespoke. We consult with companies beforehand and tailor workshop itineraries to specific topics.