Skills2Film provides training, solutions and answers to the frequent questions clients ask.

  • How do you script a film and keep it on brand?
  • How do you know what equip to buy or hire?
  • How do you use the camera to tell a story and engage the client and shareholder?
  • What checklists do you need before you start filming?
  • What if your CEO is no good in front of the camera?
  • How do you edit and distribute your film?
  • How will we find the time to do the filming and the day job?

From the start of your decision making process, Skills2Film trains you how to utilise video content specifically for your brand and company and we then train you how to script, film, produce and present your story. We use our own case studies from TV programmes – many of which you will have seen – to explain what works and what doesn’t.

Then we train you to harness these same skills.

Our training modules include:

The Power of the Visual Image: Challenge and Opportunity

  • A half day seminar that introduces you to the huge range of opportunities for video content
  • We use our own case stories to show you how you can use specifically for your company or brand
  • And we show you the tools you will need: the equipment, the imagination, the time and the budgets……

Script to Screen

  • The story and storyboarding – creating a clear message
  • Writing a script
  • Keeping an idea fresh and on-brand
  • Time – keeping your content succinct
  • Managing expectations and keeping on-budget
  • Realising the story onto video
  • Creating a process for producing content quickly

*Script to Screen workshops also available for broadcast Self-Shooting Assistant Producers with the Indie Training Fund

Camera Skills

  • Training at a Foundation, Refresher, Intermediate and Advanced level
  • Theory and practical blended
  • Procedures and processes set to film professional digital content
  • How to film an interview and observational documentary filming
  • Telling a story with your camera
  • Training tailored to specific company’s cameras, equipment and projects
  • Prepping and motivating your contributor

*Camera skills workshops also run with the Indie Training Fund

Getting to Know HD

  • Aimed at the broadcast industry for all those who want the HD process demystified
  • So many questions to ask but nobody to answer them?
  • Questions answered by a DoP who has been there, hired and used the equipment, understands the jargon

Voice and Presentation

  • Learn how to manage the message rather than let the message manage you
  • The eyes are the soul! How to believe your brand on camera
  • Knowing and believing in yourself
  • Preparation
  • How to interview and get the best from your interviewee
  • Capitalising on your voice

Fundamentally Skills2Film trains you that pointing your camera and ‘hoping for the best’ doesn’t work. We as broadcast professionals can promise you it doesn’t. As practising broadcast professionals, we use our combined skills of over 100 years to engage the viewer. We train you to do the same.

Contact us on 07860 832447 and discover what Skills2Film can do for you.

Properly trained with professional broadcast skills, the ability of the visual image to create an emotion, a mood and to tell a story is limitless. Equip and train your staff, harness their imagination and empower them to utilise video content as a powerful communication tool.